Friday, June 23, 2006

A Year of Waiting...

It appears that our long wait is nearly over! Monroeville, Alabama (The literary capital of the US & birthplace of Harper Lee and Truman Capote. Ms. Lee still lives there! She wrote To Kill A Mockingbird in case you're wondering) will become our home sometime this summer! Michael will assume the role of Senior Pastor following the congregational vote and examination by the presbytery. Both of which should go smoothly.

I can't believe that within a couple of months I will be unpacking stuff - my dishes, my pictures, my furniture, things I can't even remember I have. Of course, the old rule of "If you haven't used it in a year, you don't need it" could apply, I suppose. I have learned so much this year, one of those things being that all my stuff is just that - stuff. All the things of value and importance I have surrounding me.

What else have I learned? Well, that God is our provider. Not man. Countless times over the past year things have looked hopeless, but God has always been faithful. Money when we needed it, continued insurance coverage, clothing for the kids and myself, tuition help at school, a church body to call our own for a while (Grace Fellowship Albertville - a true gift from God), good friends to confide in and be real with. There are so many who have truly walked through all of this with us.

Another thing? Waiting is not passive. It's not sitting idley by. It's an active seeking. I studied 1 Peter on my own and James with the ladies at Altadena Valley PCA over the past several months. Rich, rich words. I have clung to God's promises to restore us and make us strong, firm and steadfast. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever be the same. Neither will Michael!

Michael's job in Cullman ended on June 5, 2005. We found out that Monroeville was going to happen on June 4, 2006. On June 5, 2006, as we drove home from Monroeville, I was struck by how God had redeemed that day for me. I had found myself dreading the "one year mark", but instead God made that a day of joy and anticipation. He's so sweet like that.

So, for those of you who travel south on 65 to go to the beach, please stop by and say hello. We are 15 minutes or so from the interstate. I'll give you more information when we get it!

Oh! And by the way - Mason lost another tooth...Ethan's surgery is Thursday, June 29, to remove the birthmark from his leg...Caroline had "cheerleading lessons" while at Sports Camp in ALbertville last week where she learned a roll tide cheer...and Molly, well, Molly continues to be our little bit of sunshine. Here's the proof!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Big Events in May...

May 10 was Mason's 7th birthday. We celebrated with his friend Dalton at Recreation Station and had Darth Vader cake afterward. To him, nothing could be better. Nothing, that is, except his new red bike! Much bigger and, of course, faster. I can't believe he is 7...where has the time gone? He also has his first "buzz" cut. He doesn't like it, but I know he'll be cooler during this hot Alabama spring. Plus, it'll grow!

Caroline is excited about attending a show choir camp this summer. It is from 9 am until noon every day for four days, then on the fifth day they will present the program they have worked on all week and each kid gets a solo. I am excited about seeing her up there! She will also take cheerleading at the Grace Fellowship (our church in Albertville, AL) Sports Camp the second week of June. Good times.

Molly is plugging along. We are learning letters this summer, using lots of flash cards and cash rewards. I am not above bribery. Hopefully she'll be in a 4 year old program next year, but I may still keep her at home.

Lastly, we attended Michael's grandmother's 85th birthday party in Charlotte Mother's Day weekend. Namom is dear to us all. It was great to be with all the MacCaugheltys, too. Mason and Namom share a birthday, which is special. Here is a picture of us all at the celebration.

Ethan is busy growing teeth and trying to crawl. Pray for us. You wouldn't believe how big he is getting. He is so expressive and fun. People who meet us for the first or second time remark how much he looks like Molly. However, those who really know my children say he looks like Caroline. That's interesting to me. He's almost 6 months! I had fun giving him a bath in the sink when we stayed with my Aunt Sue, who lives outside Charlotte.

Michael is still going strong in Albertville. It is such a sweet church. He is going through 1 Peter right now, which I have been studying on my own this past spring. We are all doing well. I am in Physical Therapy 2 days a week right now for what I am calling "baby shoulder". You do the math. And God has even provided there - my PT told me she was only charging me whatever the insurance covered, plus a co-pay, so I will not have to pay very much at all! I'm thankful, for sure.

We will have job news soon! Something is in the works right now and when it's all in writing I will let you know where we are headed. God has indeed been good to us this past year!

More to come! My goal is to write every week, but I have a lot of kids, so...