Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mason Loses First Tooth

A couple of weeks ago, after being loose for many, many weeks, Mason's first tooth finally came out. Within 5 minutes we had lost it. We searched the floor, my purse (he had wanted to call Michael, who was at the library, immediately, so I thought the tooth might have fallen in my purse where my phone was.), everywhere to no avail. Finally I had a thought: let's pray about it. Mason and I bowed our heads and asked God to lead us to this tooth. After another quick search we found the tooth sitting next to us on my bed.

A good lesson in prayer for an almost-seven-year-old, don't you think? Not to mention his mother!


Welcome to the MacCaughelty Family Website. Here you will find all the latest happenings of the MacCaugheltys from...wait...we don't have a place yet. We are still in Birmingham until Michael gets a job! Hopefully that will come soon.

Until then, and afterward, too, you will find all the latest updates on our terrific children: Mason, Caroline, Molly and Ethan; and mom and dad may make appearances as well.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter '06

Easter weekend was a fun one for us. On Saturday, we all went to Aldridge Gardens here in Hoover. We spent lots of time at the pavilion overlooking the lake - there were so many fish and turtles! We also walked around the trails and, of course, Molly fell in the water. We also got a great family picture taken by a stranger...

Mason, Caroline and Molly also had their first experience dying easter eggs. I know that keeping them from it for so long probably makes me a bad mom, but oh, well...

On Sunday morning we read the Easter story and had our yearly Easter picture taken. We had a great day in Albertville (where Michael is interim Pastor), and lunch with friends at the Gadsden Country Club. Later that afternoon we went up to Altadena Valley Church and hid eggs on the playground. The day ended with everyone pretty much at meltdown, but we had a fun day of being together and talking about our Risen Savior!