Sunday, February 01, 2009


Last Friday morning Molly went out to get the paper (it’s one of her daily chores). On her way back in, something caught her eye. Evidently during the night an unknown benefactor and dear person left something on our porch.

It was a bit heavy for Molly to carry inside (?), so she called her brother Mason to her aid. They brought the bag to me. I told them it must be a belated Christmas present, but the tag said only “MacCaughelty Family”; the giver’s name was absent.

As I was trying to get the tape off, Mason said, “What if it’s a Wii?”

“It’s not a Wii,” I said in reply.

I loosed the tape and removed the paper. We all looked down into the bag together and saw it there…sideways…Wii.

For a moment, everyone was quiet, but pandemonium soon broke out.

“Who’s it from?” Caroline asked.

This is the thing…I have no idea who it is from. Well, I have an idea who it might be from, but they didn’t give me their name, so they must not want me to know. And how cool is that? Too often we want recognition for some good deed we do, but this person wanted us to wonder and to simply enjoy the gift without strings. And wonder/enjoy we have. Ultimately, though, we believe this great gift is from the Lord, who put it on the heart of the giver to bless us in wonderful ways. I don’t know who it’s from, and I’m not going to try and find out because maybe being an “unknown giver” is a blessing for that person, too. Mason was just so beside himself that a person we know would love us enough to make such a sacrifice and remain anonymous. “You mean they don’t want us to thank them, Mom?”

If you, Giver of the Wii, are reading this…thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have given us much delight!

Mason had actually been saving for a Wii and Michael had promised to give the last bit of it. Mason took the money he had saved and bought games, while Michael took the money he had promised to chip in and bought a controller. Aunt Lynne came to visit this week and she brought us Mario cart and some of those cool “steering wheels”. So now, we are pretty much hooked up.

Tennis is my favorite and the first day I played I sustained injuries both to my finger and shoulder. Mason has a black eye from where he hit himself with a steering wheel during a very "intense" Mario Cart race. No pain, no gain…that’s what I always say.

Isn’t that neat? How God could take the “desires of the heart” of a little boy and make them reality through someone else? I love that about God.

Bless ya!

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Julie A. said...

Think Mason would let you bring it to the beach? Please Mason!!!!