Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Tuesday Fast Approaches!

Super Tuesday! Presidential Candidates! Debate! Vote! Civic Duty!

Let me go ahead and say that I'm tired, in a weird mood, and this will make no sense...

I think we should all vote

Now, before you laugh, let me tell you why. Sure, I have no political experience. But, how much do you need, really? I mean, I meet the age requirement, and I was born in the United States. So, pardon me, but I believe that means I qualify.

Let me tell you about the biggest campaign trick I would employ: I wouldn't bash any other candidates. Instead, I would do the opposite and build them up: "Thank you Mr. Lehrer, for that intriguing question. And before I comment on my stance on troops in Iraq, I'd like to tell Senator Clinton that her blouse is lovely, those peep-toe wedges are too cute, and her haircut makes her look like Bill's daughter instead of his wife."

Pretty good, huh?

You have to admit, a non-bashing campaign would make people take notice! Why don't candidates adopt this policy???

I will be voting, of course, on Super Tuesday. You should, too.

Bless ya!

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

One of the highlights of my day is always our family devotional time in the evenings. Once the dishes are done, things are picked up and everyone has still raisin-y hands from the bath/shower, we sit together on the couch and talk about God. Michael usually reads to us from Scripture, or a Scripture-themed book, we go about memorizing the children's Catechism, and we have prayer all together. It really is precious. One reason I love it, is because the kids are just so stinkin' FUNNY sometimes.

For example...

One night recently we had been talking about Solomon - how instead of asking for riches , he asked for wisdom, and then God gave him both and more. So, we had a little talk about what we might have asked for, had we been in Solomon's shoes. I couldn't wait to hear the godly and profound answers our little disciples were about to give!

Molly - I would ask for God to turn our house into Disneyworld!
Caroline - I would ask for all the American Girl dolls (she has none at present!).
Mason - A dirt bike.

And another example...

We have been going through the Catechsim questions regarding the Lord's prayer. Now, for those of you who don't know (or care) what the catechism is, it's like a statement of faith in question and answer form: Q-Who wrote the Bible? A-Chosen men inspired by the Holy Spirit, and so on and so forth. Anyhoo, Molly's turn came up and her question was, "What does it mean to pray 'And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors'?". The real answer to the question begins "We are asking God to forgive our sins for Christ's sake...", but instead, Molly's reply was "We are asking God to forgive our sins for Pete's sake..."

We keep a board on our refrigerator - it's a dry erase board, and every time one of the kids says something that's just a "nugget" we've got to keep, we write it on the board. Then, when the next one comes along, we take a picture of the old one (thus allowing it to live on in our memories as well as in our photo album), erase it, and make way for the new one. Over the years we've had some real doozies. Of course we laugh. Who wouldn't? They say these cute things because they aren't (yet) tainted by the self-stifling that comes with age, legalism and approval-sucking. What I wouldn't give for a heart that speaks, that asks questions or blesses others without regard for what they will think of me. Too many times I weigh my words for the effect first, before I say them. How can I say this or ask this so that I don't sound too stupid? Or too needy? Or like maybe I think you've got it together more than I do? Or maybe I just don't even consider asking at all, because then that might make you think...I don't know, maybe it will make you think something I don't want you to think about me, so I will just protect myself and, as my brother says, "SHUTTY!"

Lately I've been just sort of meditating on what it means to boast in my weaknesses. Really, the only thing good about me or in me is because of Christ. I have no strength on my own, no zeal, no ounce of godliness, and certainly no class. I guess certain screwy people could turn that all into false humility...but why? I mean, it's true, isn't it? The only thing I can boast in (boast: to speak with excessive pride; brag) is what I most want to hide. about your upside-down kingdom.

Oh, out of the mouths of babes...

Bless ya!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Just a Run of the Mill Weekend...

It all started with, "Mom, I don't feel so good..."

Let me back up a bit. Mason had a spend-the-night date with his friend Nathan, over at Nathan's house. Caroline had her friend Caroline G. coming over to our house to spend the night. Corn popped and movie in (for the girls), I nestled onto the living room couch by 7pm with my hubby and my book. I never get to start reading that early in th evening.

By 11:30 pm that night Molly was on the couch crying, Cinderella trash basket in front of her, just waiting for it all to drop. I watched her for a couple hours...tried to sleep on the other couch to no avail. By 6am most everyone else was up and I hadn't slept a wink. A little after 6am, I told Michael I was headed off to bed. I gave Molly a little water and some tylenol before I left (she had a pretty good fever). Bad idea. By 6:30 she had started (and I was already into REM sleep).

Next morning, Molly, Ethan and I stayed home from church. After lunch Caroline looked at me and asked, "Mom, will you take my temperature?" 101.1 degrees. Oh, yes.

Caroline stayed home from church Sunday night with Ethan and I, though I let Molly go. Monday morning at 4:19am, Caroline comes into the room, burning up and complaining of a hurting stomach. We move to the couch. Everyone is up by 6:20 or so and Mason is complaining about not feeling well either, but has no fever. I finally decide that Mason and Molly will go to school, but Caroline will stay home. I drop off the 2 M's and head to Winn Dixie, where the seafood department doesn't open until 9am. I did not know that. Why would they not open until 9am??

Anyhoo, as I'm shopping around my phone rings. Michael calls and tells me that it has started at home. "Oh, poor Caroline!" I say. But no - it's not Caroline, it's ETHAN! I decide right then and there that I'm going to go pick up Mason from school (to keep the kids in his class safe). By the time I get home, Ethan is asleep and I find Michael just finishing up with Caroline's "turn".

So, all 4 children are home today.

And guess what? I didn't have to clean up vomit once!

My husband is Superman!!

Bless ya!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

1000 Words

This picture was taken at Moe's in Birmingham while we were there after Christmas. Ethan just decided to pull his pants down. A big thank you to Jeff Cwynar for capturing the real Ethan MacCaughelty. He's complex, doggone it!

Oh! And it was about 15 degrees that day...


Friday, January 04, 2008

Dolls, Dumbo, and Dogs

It's Friday morning. I've still not taken a shower or anything, but I feel like writing.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/New Year. We had a great time with each other - the kids had fun, we ate a lot, etc.

This year for Christmas, Molly received (from me and Michael) a talking-Barbie as the Island Princess-karaoke-microphone-styling head. This doll is supposed to talk to you, talk to the animals sitting around her head, sing, and let you speak into a micrphone attached to her shoulder. If she could have read books also, well...I don't think Molly would even have needed me anymore. Anyway, after 30 minutes of freeing the doll from her packaging, we realized that talking head Barbie doesn't work. She sings parts of a couple songs, but the microphone doesn't work, nor does she talk to her animal friends.

I bought the Barbie head at Toys R Us in Mobile...a 1 1/2 hour drive from here. So, "taking it back tomorrow" isn't going to happen. But, thankfully we were going to be driving to Birmingham the 28th, so we decided to take Barbie head along with us and return it there.

Let me set the scene for you...

First, as Michael pulls up into the parking lot of Toys R Us, Molly quickly spots 2 large, unleashed, very wet dogs lying IN the entrance to the store. I have to practically drag Molly out of the car, after promising her that we will go in a different entrance. So, we move to the side entrance, but both dogs follow us. I walk up to the return counter and Molly starts screaming. The dogs are coming straight for us. I lift Molly and put her on the counter. The dogs pass by and begin wandering the store. During all this, I am continuing to wait at the return counter and no one is coming. Finally a woman sees us and tells us that all return have to be made around the side and in through the outside entrance...right where the dogs are being taken. I walk around to the side of the store, where I am easily the 5th person in line, and I have to stand outside with the dogs, who are going in and out of the store. Molly is still screaming, so I set her inside a broken "Dumbo" ride to wait it out.

20 minutes or so later it is my turn. I explain the deal to the cashier - the toy doesn't work, etc. I tell her that I really just want to exchange it and get a new one that works. She sends me to the Barbie section, where I see that the Barbie head is now $15 less than what I originally paid. When I get back to the counter, the 10-year-old cashier tells me that, no, I cannot have it at the reduced price. I beg...I no avail. Finally, I explain to her that since I have my receipt, what in the world is to stop me from just getting my money back and repurchasing the Barbie head at the new price? This stumps her...she cannot comprehend my cleverness. Her quick retort is "well, if you want to do that, you'll have to go pay for it at another register". Small price to pay, sweetie, for $15. She can't appreciate my cheapness. Few can.

So, Molly still hanging out with out-of-order Dumbo, I make my way to the cashier with a handfull of bills.

Finally, we were on our way - errand done. We spent the evening with family and then headed back to Aunt Lynne and Uncle Roger's house (dear friends we stayed with in B'ham). I promised Molly that the next morning we would unleash the new Barbie head from it's cardboard prison and put her to work. The next morning I made good on my promise.

And this one didn't work either.

My friend Lynne asked me about the name of my blog. Why crayons in the dryer? Because, I told her, it is situations like these that God uses in my life to show me how much I need him. Much of my life, though mildly funny, is lived in the mundane details. I live in a small town, I don't go anywhere, I have a gaggle of kids and a husband who, I'm sorry, could give me enough fodder for this blog by himself (love you, sweetheart!!!). Ever had crayons in your dryer? They turn everything in there red...or green. At least, those are the two colors that have happened to me. When it happens you just have to laugh at life. Maybe some of it you can get out, but there may be some red (or green) spots on your socks that you get to revisit from time to time. Kind of like one of those stake-in-the-ground moments. THIS is where God has worked in my life and heart. THIS is where He is working now.

Bless ya,

PS - While we were in Birmingham, Michael bought a Life is Good T-shirt that has a picture of a glass with water in it and under it it says "Half Full". Isn't that awesome?